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Best Hyperpop Sample Packs for 2022

The hyperpop music genre is a relatively new music direction that quickly became a fresh new trend in major clubs and music festivals.

The hyperpop influence can clearly be heard in most of the top songs that are on the hit list today.

Many contemporary artists have infused their trademark sound with the hyperpop elements.

This combination of upbeat music and sonorous vocals has proven to be successful time and time again.

We have selected the top three hyperpop sample packs that will make your tracks sound clean, crisp and professional.

Odyssey Sample Pack

Odyssey is a phenomenal pack if you are set on making anything from house to trap music.

One of the highlights of this pack is its wide selection of loops that covers a variety of sub genres from future base to hyperpop.

If you want to try something new and explore hyperpop further, then Odyssey has a special hyperpop drum kit for you to try.

These catchy sounding hyperpop drum beats will give your song that extra spice.

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This highly recommended pack is for producers who are looking for a solid hyperpop sample pack.

  • 47 FX
  • 22 Drop Loops
  • 25 Synth One Shots
  • 84 Drum One Shots
  • 19 Breakdown Loops
  • 7 Vocal chord chops

Destiny Beta Pack

Destiny Beta pack is for those producers who put a little more emphasis on the melody.

This pack is packed with diverse sounding instrumentals that will allow you to go in any direction you wish.

Destiny Beta is receiving its well deserved raving reviews due new innovative sound.

With the new hyperpop vibe on the rise, the pack includes a selection of sharp hyperpop loops that will make your track stand out.

Destiny Beta is a pack that is filled with fresh trendy sounds that will allow you to create a unique sounding song, making it another excellent hyperpop sample pack.

Destiny Beta includes:

  • Multiple Loops from various music genres
  • Over 250 loops
  • Stems and MDI included
  • Bonus packs
  • Free to Download and enjoy

Fantasy Synth Sample Pack

Dive into the sea of sounds with our Fantasy Synth pack. This pack is hands down one the most unique packs ever created.

The creators of this pack put an enormous amount of tedious effort to hand pick the rarest sounds and combinations.

This is definitely your “go to pack” if you love to experiment and be sure to customize the hyperpop loops to make them unique to your track.

The Fantasy Synth Pack will take your music production skills to the next level with this hyperpop sample pack in your arsenal, the possibilities are endless.

  • 75 One Shot Synth Samples &
  • 10 Loops (Stems included)
  • Free to download and enjoy

Prism EDM Sample Pack

Melodic EDM producers have been changing the game with their complex sound design, dynamic mixing, and catchy melodies. You can even hear their influence in hip-hop production with artists like Trippie Redd, who is one of the bigger artists to feature hyperpop production in his work.

Prism is a sample library that perfectly encapsulates the sound of the new wave of EDM fusion with Hip Hop that has taken on the “Hyperpop” name.

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Prism focuses on melodic EDM including House, Future Bass, and some experimental samples that fit perfectly with the hyperpop genre.



Отображение 17–32 из 109

Ymar & Upmadeit – X-Ray (Serum Bank, One Shot, Loop & Midi Kit)

Размер: 296 MB / Файлы: 149

Ymar & Upmadeit – X-Ray (Serum Bank)

Размер: 16.3 MB / Файлы: 67

Ymar & Upmadeit – X-Ray (One Shot Kit)

Размер: 50.5 MB / Файлы: 53

Sunboy – 4 Yöu (One Shot Kit)

Размер: 27.1 MB / Файлы: 50

Upmadeit – Candy (Serum Bank)

Размер: 58.4 MB / Файлы: 85

Perdu & yourbabymind – Illusion (One Shot Kit)

Размер: 476 MB / Файлы: 87

Ymar & FilipMakesBeats – Plastic (Serum Bank)

Размер: 46 MB / Файлы: 91

Ymar & Kaaj – Buzz (Serum Bank, One Shot, Loop & Midi Kit)

Размер: 328 MB / Файлы: 158

Ymar & Kaaj – Buzz (Serum Bank)

Размер: 61.3 MB / Файлы: 74

Ymar & Kaaj – Buzz (One Shot Kit)

Размер: 55.2 MB / Файлы: 52

Noah Mejia – Activate (Serum Bank & One Shot Kit)

Размер: 309 MB / Файлы: 121

Synthetic & Vendr – Divinity (Loop, Midi & Serum Bank)

Размер: 796 MB / Файлы: 182

Размер: 80.8 MB / Файлы: 76

Sharkboy & Ymar – Crush (Serum Bank)

Размер: 37,4 MB / Файлы: 81

Размер: 370 MB / Файлы: 131

Synthetic & Dream R – Flare (Loop Kit)

Размер: 593 MB / Файлы: 18

  • Ayy Global — Rare (Drum Kit) был куплен 15 часов назад
  • Sharkboy — Yönky (One Shot Kit) был куплен 16 часов назад
  • Jully Caesar — Free Drum Kit был куплен 18 часов назад
  • Young Freezy x Битмейкерская — Sayonara (Omnisphere & One Shot kit) был куплен 24 часа назад
  • Cryptic — Colors Vol.2 (One Shot Kit) был куплен 1 день назад

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Nick Mira Drum Kit скачать Contra, Forge, Diesel, Magma, Haywire, Bodega и другие — Reddit

Важно! Перед началом скачивания и установки необходимо ОТКЛЮЧИТЬ АНТИВИРУС, иначе кейген может быть удалён.


Самый полный пак(wav,midi) Nick Mira Drum Kit состоит из тематических частей:

  • Nick Mira – Analounge (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Bakesale (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Bloodline (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Bodega (Drum Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Contra (Drum Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Diablo (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Diesel (Drum Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Forge (Drum Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Freakshow (Melody Pack)
  • Nick Mira – Frenzy (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Friends Family (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Gasolina (Stem Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Gasolina 2
  • Nick Mira – Haywire (Drum Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Loop Kits
  • Nick Mira – Magma (Drum Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Mira Mozart Vol 1
  • Nick Mira – Monarch (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Napalm (Omnisphere Bank)
  • Nick Mira – New Atlanta Midi
  • Nick Mira – Nextel (MIDI Hat Loop)
  • Nick Mira – Odyssey (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Redlands Vol
  • Nick Mira – Redlands Vol 1 (MIDI Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Respawn (Loop Pack)
  • Nick Mira – Rogue MIDI Kit
  • Nick Mira – Scorch (Midi) (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Suey (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Supersonic (Drum Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Tantrum (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Tantrum (Melody Kit)
  • Nick Mira – Valkyrie (Loop Kit)
  • Nick Mira – YachtClub (Loop Kit)

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